Q. How can I be sure you will do a good job?

A. Everybody works hard to save the money required for the maintenance or repairs around their home or office and they need to feel secure in the knowledge they are employing a reputable person or business to carry out that work…Mulholland Painting prides itself on being a professional, quality, reliable painting and decorating company with over 25 years experience in the industry. We are proud to be Dulux Accredited, members of the Master Painters Association Australia (MPA), licensed with Business and Consumer Affairs (SA) #2201106 members of Business SA and carry 20 million dollars public Liability Insurance. We provide a written quote outlining all labour and materials to be used. We will treat your home as we would our own.
Q. Will you be doing the painting yourself or do you send in a crew?

A. As the business owner I am the team leader on site every day. I very much enjoy being “on the tools” and it will be my responsibility to supervise my team regarding all preparation, painting and clean-up on a daily basis. If any queries arise you can speak to me directly and at anytime.
Q. Why pay more for paint, surely they are all the same?

A. The short answer is, when buying paint you get what you pay for…The ingredients in a can of paint determine the level of quality. Premium paint will have more of the prime ingredients which include the binder. The binder gives the dry paint the durability. That is the toughness against every day wear and tear, and stain resistance. Developments continue at a brisk pace with the advantage of more customer choice… The Egyptians used gum Arabic with egg white, gelatine and waxes to bind pigments such as ores, gold and charcoal and they were possibly the first civilisation to create synthetic pigments: Egyptian blue was made by heating copper with sand and soda. Though the Greeks and Romans copied this method they also increased the range of pigments and Pliny the Elder records the use of several different lead compounds, verdigris and colours derived from wood. While today's paints and coatings are far removed from those of pre-history, one certainty remains; it is that no two manufacturers' products will be the same. We use and recommend Dulux Paints
Q. Some of my family suffer from allergies and don’t like the paint smell are there suitable paints that can help?

A. Yes there are and we can help. We use and recommend Dulux Paints, and they provide a full range of low odour, low VOC paints. Most products available today for interior use are water-based making them suitable for every room in your home. Use a good quality Acrylic low sheen or matt such as Enviro2 or Wash & Wear 101 for walls with Aquanamel for doors, frames and skirtings. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) contribute to pollution of the atmosphere and are best avoided. In low VOC paints the VOC’s emitted during painting reduce very quickly. Using ample ventilation while painting ensures residual VOC levels remain low.
Q. I got 3 quotes and they all varied in price. Why is that?

A. Some companies have better qualified staff commanding a higher salary, use better quality preparation and paint products and spend much more time achieving a higher standard. These companies tend to have a far superior customer satisfaction record than others. The cheapest quote is not always the best. It’s better to access each quote individually, ask questions such as, are you accredited? Are you a member of any trade organisations such as MPA? Are you licensed with Consumer Affairs? Do you provide a warranty? Do you have the appropriate insurances in case you damage my property? Once you have all these answers make your decision in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Once your mind is made up call the successful painter as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as all good painters and decorators are normally busy.
Q. Is it better to use a kitchen and bathroom paint in humid areas?

A. Yes, it is, for two main reasons. Firstly, a kitchen and bathroom paint will generally have higher binder content. The binder in the paint is the ingredient that gives the dried paint its resistance properties such as durability, toughness against everyday wear and tear, and the ability to resist picking up dirt and stains. Generally speaking, higher quality paints have both more and better quality binders in them, guaranteeing the best results. Secondly, and equally important, most kitchen and bathroom paints also contain a fungicide to discourage fungal growth in damp and humid areas.
Q. Why does the colour dry differently to the colour in the can or on the colour chart?

A. The explanation begins with the fact that the components of paint reflect light differently when they are wet (in-can) compared to when they are dried (on the wall). These subtle differences are quite common and not a reflection on the quality of a paint product. A handy tip to make sure you are happy with the end colour on your wall is to use a sampler pot, apply two coats and check how it looks after drying. Dulux offer tester pots from the different ranges available. Also remember colour charts are printed with ink and not paint, however the manufacturer will try to reproduce the colour as accurately as possible.
Q. Will you wash out your brushes and rollers in my sink or on my backyard lawn?

A. Absolutely not… Gone are the days of washing out rollers and brushes in the laundry sink or on the back yard lawn leaving an unsightly mess? We wash out our tools in purposely designed buckets, take the used water back to our Envirowash unit and recycle the dirty waste paint water. This recycled clean, clear water can be used in the garden or for cleaning our equipment time and time again. Please view the online video to see our Envirowash unit in operation.
Q. I have paint left over and cannot put it in the bin. What should I do?

A. There is a great product to help with this problem. Dulux Waste Paint Hardener is very easy to use*. Simply purchase the required amount from your nearest Dulux store and add the contents to the paint, remembering to stir well. Leave the paint to harden, then simply remove from the tin, wrap in newspaper and put into the normal hard rubbish bin for collection. It’s as simple as that. *please note this product is for water-based paints only.